05 Jun

Our foreign client is now legally residing in Greece!

⚖️ 🏛️ The Administrative Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki accepted our application and suspended the execution of the return (deportation) of our foreign client, a political asylum seeker.

📋 The Court also ordered the Administration to issue the foreigner with an international protection card.

✅ In this way he is now legally residing in Greece!

💼 As a greek law office,we provide legal assistance to refugees and migrants in Greece.

We undertake cases like i) refugee and immigrant residence permits (issuance and renewal) ii) application for political asylum and support at all stages of the process, iii) Appeals, iv) protection from deportation, v) protection from administrative detention, vi) deposition applications and their presentation and support before the Administrative Courts, vii) passports (issuance-renewal), viii) Golden Visa cases and so on.

✍ We prepare each case methodically with the outmost care and attention.

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