20 May

Suspension of execution of the return of a migrant minor!

⚖️ 🏛️ Our  application for suspension filed at the Administrative Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki is accepted!!

📜 The execution of the return of a minor migrant whose asylum application was rejected is suspended and the Administration is ordered to issue him with an international protection card !!! This foreigner was staying in a shelter for minors and was attending a Greek school.

💼 As a greek law office, we provide legal assistance to refugees and migrants in Greece. Christos M. Terzidis, a Greek migration lawyer with a PhD title from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and former legal advisor to the NGO 'ARSIS' on refugee and migrant issues, is greatly experienced and specializes in Migration Law.

⚖️ We protect the human rights of refugees, providing legal assistance to refugees and migrants, undertaking cases that deal with refugee and immigrant residence permits (issuance and renewal) , application for political asylum and support at all stages of the process , appeals , protection from deportation and protection from administrative detention, deposition applications and their presentation and support before the Administrative Courts , presentation and representation before the Appeals Authority and its competent committees , passports (issuance-renewal) , family reunifications, Golden visa cases and so on.

✍ We prepare each case methodically with the outmost care and attention!

🆘 There is a 24-hour service available for emergency cases, like arrests and so on.

📞 You can call us on 00306977424779 , so that we help you resolve your legal issues!  

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